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  1. I have the latest pioneer blu-ray writer in my pc and my monitor and graphics card are both HDCP
    my monitor is wide screen full high def
    but what i am doing just now is playing the movie through my tv with an hdmi to hdmi cable (graphics card has hdmi out and tv has hdmi in)
    reason for this is i dont have a standalone blu-ray player as yet and my tv is much bigger than my monitor
    should also say my tv is full high def and not hd ready
    now my question is if the movie is 1080 and my tv is 1080 but its only playing on the tv as 720 is it my graphics card or my blu-ray writer that is not letting it show as full high def (i know the tv and the movie is because its there in black and white as for the other 2 im not sure although i would expect the writer is
    btw im not using dual monitor as it does not let me so that's not the problem
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    It should be negotiated (via the HDMI connection). What is the model of your TV and what is the native resolution? Any TV that supports 720P or 1080i/P is an "HD" TV. Most likely, you have a 1024x768 resolution (720P) TV.
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    Amazing. After 7 years of membership and more than 280 posts red lion somehow thinks that failing to provide any details will result in help.

    I can tell you that Hollywood has made software providers absolutely paranoid about BluRay playback and if they do not detect HDCP all the way, they revert to playback in a size barely above standard definition. It could be that this has happened to you, but again, you didn't see fit to provide any details. I can tell you that Samsung HDTVs sold in North America have serious problems with HDCP handshaking and sometimes the TV will be unable to negotiate the handshake and the connection will come across as 480p, which the TV will upscale to its native resolution. Samsung does not officially support HDMI connections between its HDTVs and PCs, so if you have Samsung you may not be able to make this connection work as you wish. VGA will work fine though. Again, you may not have Samsung at all, but since you're leaving us to guess, I thought I would mention this.
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