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  1. I have tried the posted 3 possible code changes with no success. I have turned on the dvd player opened it pushed the title key and the "Invalid Key" did not come up it read "No new Disk"

    Can some one please help me change the code on this dvd player to region 2??

    Thanks Hackers.

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    Please do not cross-post. One thread is sufficient. Stick with this thread:

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    Not all players can be "hacked". Known working codes don't always work on players from different regions and new versions of the player may be locked to prevent the codes from working.

    And just as an FYI, no one is really "hacking" the player. Remote codes are simply activation codes for options that are already present in the firmware but have been disabled by the manufacturer. Many manufacturers are now completely removing or locking those options to prevent them from being enabled.

    If you need a multi region player, buy a player that supports region free. And you may want to do it soon, many manufacturers are now locking their players.
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