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    Hello, I'm using Avidemux v2.4.1 under Ubuntu 8.04, for DVD ripping, and I've encountered a problem at the audio tracks. Everything in the generated archive is correct, but you can hear the voices from the movie only in a channel. I discovered this because I was listening the generated archive using headphones. All the ambiental sounds and effect sounds are present at both channels, but the voices from the characters only is present at one. These are the steps I follow to rip the movie:

    - First I rip the DVD archives using DVDShrink-Wine. At this point the voices are OK. With DVDShrink I only select an audio track.
    - With Avidemux I select "MPEG-4 ASP (Xvid4)" for the video, "Two-Pass" with average bitrate (1500), "Chroma optimizer", "VHQ Mode: 4" and I use the filters "Crop" and "MPlayer Resize".
    - With audio, I select "AC3 (lavc)" (I selected "MP3 LAME" with the same results) and at Config I only select the bitrate (192). At sound filters, I only change the Gain (Manual: 5). I leave the rest of the config as it.

    I want to know how to mix the sound so I can hear all the sound at both channels. I have no problem with the TV, but when I view a film using headphones is very irritating.

    And sorry for my english :P

    Thank you for the help
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  2. Was the original audio 5.1 ? Did you use the mixer to downmix (it seems like the downmix wasn't done correctly)

    Try a more recent version, 2.4.1 is an ancient build
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