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  1. Hi,
    I finally transfer the first tape I done with my camcorder in december 2008.

    But after transfert and play it on my tv (from the camera or from the dvd I made), I noticed that on dark scenes, the was a lot of blurry areas especially on horizontal movements of the camera (it produce a kind of artifact like a bad field order or a very long gop).

    After some search, I found that the "Slow shutter" funtion was active and that it can cause blurry images (bastards, they don't say that in the user guide of the camera and even worses, the function was by default active). They say that on the FAQ on the website not in the user guide

    So is there any avisynth or virtualdub filters that can reduce that blurry areas ????

    Source is PAL mini DV. Destination is Mpeg-2 for DVD.

    If needed I can post a sample.
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  2. depends on what you used to encode the video and what settings were used. a higher bitrate and different encoder settings might help, but without complete info it's hard to tell.

    or re-shoot in better light, use a tripod, pan really slowly(or not at all) or research for a cam with better low light capabilities, they vary widely.
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  3. I encoded them with Tmpgenc Xpress. But the blurry effect is on the dv source So i'm looking for some filters/methods to reduce it.

    Now, I disabled that crappy automatic function and now pictures is good even on dark scenes.
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  4. ahh. ok. if it's on the source tape i don't think you'll have any luck removing it. there is nothing to recover.
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  5. even no filter that can reduce it a little ?????
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  6. Here is a sample, it is well visible on the rocks on the right part betwenn 2 and 5 seconds in the video.
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  7. the is mpeg4, i thought the source was DVavi? can't tell much without the source, as that would be all I-frame. you could try a file sharing site for uploading a slightly bigger file.
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  8. i looked at it. part of the problem looks like the autofocus on the camera was lagging behind the panning. i gave it a shot with a smartsharpening filter and it may help you a bit, but i don't think you can make it all go away.

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  9. frame 59
    tool: photoshop cs4 extended
    filter: smart sharpen (option: remove motion blur)



    before (zoom 200%):

    after (zoom 200%):
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