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  1. I'm looking for a software package that can play video (from HDD) and have a start/stop function (freezing picture) by a simple click.
    This software also need a overlay drawing function (freehand ?) that can let me draw circles and lines, etc.

    What I want to do is to take a video of some kids at the football field and afterwards showing them how to solve different problems when playing. I want to play the video and stop it. Then I want to draw a circle aroung the problem and indicate a line for running or passing the ball, etc

    It's an advantage if this software support dual screen, means I can show the video with a projector and control the video (start/stop, etc) as well as do some drawing on a touch screen.

    I prefer software with Microsoft support, but will accept Linux as well.
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    Unless others can come up with a better idea, you could pause the video and use a video player program that can get a screen shot. VLC and several others can do that. Open the screen shot in MS Paint or maybe IrfanView and draw on the screen shot. A bit awkward, but with two display devices, it would probably work fine.

    The advantage would be that you could do this with freeware easily enough. There are likely commercial products that could do this all with one program, but it may not be cheap. $$ Touch screen software may be another problem. Depends on the touch screen software and the graphics program used. You could try a Wacom touch pad as they have a lot of software available.

    But wait and see what others come up with.

    And welcome to our forums.
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  3. Thanks a lot for your feedback.
    Regards touch screen this is already inhouse for other purposes. As long as the start/stop function is just a button, and there is another button for drawing, I think touch solution will be easy to use and most managers for these kids will be able to use it.

    Your ide of using a screen shot could be an alternative. Unfortunately I'm afraid using different software packages will make the learningcurve too steep for some of the pepole that should use this solution (there is at least 16 managers, mostly parents that should use this solution). MS Paint is something most people is able to use, and I think it could be an alternative.
    But using 3 ? software packages to do the job means there will be need for many hours work for some parents. I'm not sure they will have time to do that. Anyway I will take a serious look at such alternative within short time.
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    You're talking about a telestrator. Not cheap, usually, but this link has advice on doing it without breaking the bank:
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  5. Although it's not intended for this purpose, you can do this with Adobe After Effects. You can pause/play with the spacebar or re-map it to another key/button. The paint function is done on a separate panel and can be maximized and moved to monitor #2. The problem is the drawing marks stay until you erase or undo them , they don't automatically disappear as you move onto another part of the video

    You can do all this with a keyboard & mouse (or just mouse), but the problem might be interfacing with your equipment & touch screen & drivers. You can re-map keys and keyboard shortcuts, so it might be possible

    You might search for drawing tablet PC software or related search terms (Ink Desktop); but again there might be interface/compatibility issues with your touch screen equipment.
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  6. How about this freeware product?
    John Miller
    enosoft - high performance tools for music and video

    Home of the Enosoft DV Processor - Free for personal use!
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  7. Thanks alot.

    These solutions was what I was looking for.
    Geting it free was even better than expected.
    I will do some tests and tell our club about these solution and suggest based on ease of use.

    Thanks a lot one more time.
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