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  1. I've been banging my head against the wall about this for ages and need a fresh perspective. I video taped my concert a while ago using two camcorders: Sony DCR-SR60 and a Canon Vixia HF-100. Both recorded widescreen, the Sony made MPG files, while the Canon made MTS files. On top of this the videos are fairly long (roughly 45-50 minutes per act) and so the files from both cameras got chopped up at the 2GB mark, I'm guessing due to the file system used by the cameras.

    I'm having a hard time finding a program that will recognize the cuts as being from the same video and not produce a hiccup. I'm also finding it hard to find a program to work with the MTS files.

    I'm using Windows XP Pro with an Intel Q6600, 2GB ram and a ton of hard drive space. All files have been transfered to the hard drive.

    DESIRED RESULT: What I want to do is to seamlessly merge the parts of the acts into one file per act, per camera (2 cameras x 2 acts = 4 files) and convert them to DV AVI's (retaining widescreen format) for easy editing between them so I can make a standard DVD.

    I want to start with a clean slate. Start fresh as if I'm coming at it for the first time. Please suggest whatever programs/settings/procedures I need to use to get my desired results.

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    Vegas Pro can certainly handle this including multi-camera support.

    The consumer versions of Vegas will handle the SR60 files. The Vegas Movie Studio Platinum version handles "Sony AVCHD". You should Google user reports for success with the Canon AVCHD or call Sony.

    You either need to bump the SD SR60 up to HD or downres the HF-100 to SD. Since DVD is the target, I'd do the latter.

    With Platinum you will need to manually sync the two cams which can be time consuming.

    Another alternative to try would be Adobe Premiere Elements v6 or v7.

    You have chosen two camcorder formats that are notoriously difficult to edit natively. You might want to convert both to DV format if the timeline becomes too sticky.
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  3. You can join the 2 MPEG files with videoredo or mpg2cut2 , and join the 2 .mts files with tsmuxer , then maybe convert them to 16:9 DV

    What mode did you shoot the HF100 in? 30i ?

    Resizing interlaced footage can be tricky, and there will probably be a field order swap from AVCHD (TFF) to DV (BFF) if you plan to go this route
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