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  1. Hi folks -- playing around with this camcorder today for the first time.

    Just recorded some video and then put in play mode with the attached firewire connection.

    VERY cool that way movie maker talks to the camera -- talk about easy !

    BUT --

    What are my alternatives here?

    I see that movie maker saved the file as a WMV which isn't supported by the video editor I like to
    use (I absolutely HATE using windows movie maker by the way).

    Sure, I can convert the video to what I need but what are my other options when I simply want to
    download the file from the camera and save?

    Any other software that is especially designed just for this simple task, that will talk to the camera as well?
    (Rewind it, etc).

    THANKS so much.
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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    Try WinDV!

    And you can export to dv-avi in windows movie maker.
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  3. thanks baldrick.

    coming from you it has to be good.

    you son of a blackadder.
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