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  1. Hi folks,

    I think as I get older I forget how I used to do things ... so I need some suggestions from you people on the following items ...

    I have 9 video clips that each is 25MB with the following properties:

    - Video: H.264/MPEG-4 AVC; 415Kbps; 25fps; 352x288
    - Audio: 44100; 94Kbps; MPEG-4 AAC LC

    What I like to do is Trim some of these MP4 clips and then add them together and then convert the final MP4 to both .WMV and .AVI (may be in XviD).

    In all of this cases if freeware is not available then recommend something else!

    Q1: What is the Best of way doing this to yield the Best Quality output?
    Combine MP4s 1st then Convert OR Acovert to AVI then Combine then convert to WMV?

    Q2: What is the Best freeware to Edit/Trim MP4 video clips?

    Q3: What is the Best freeware to combine several MP4 video clips?

    Q4: What Freeware is best for converting MP4s to AVI with great Quality?

    Q5: What Freeware is best for converting MP4s to WMV with great Quality?

    Or simply tell me YOUR Preferred Method!


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  2. I'm a MEGA Super Moderator Baldrick's Avatar
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    You can change mp4 to avi without any conversion, you just change the container but I guess you want an avi divx/xvid?

    avidemux can cut,join mp4 if they all have same properties. It can also save as avi without conversion and reconvert to avi xvid. But it's a bit buggy though. You could also try cut using yamb.

    Convert to wmv using wmnicenc or windows media encoder.

    Or try a commercial software like tmpgenc xpress, it can do most stuff.
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  3. HI Bladrick,

    THANKS Man!

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  4. Member Sxn's Avatar
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    Originally Posted by Baldrick View Post

    avidemux can cut,join mp4 if they all have same properties. .
    Hmm.. what if they have slight variations in bitrates? (with equal frame rates)

    Can you tell how to join files using Xvid4psp?

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