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    I am trying to clone a DVD with the factory menus and such. I used toast and created a disc image, but I got the video_ts files as seperate chapters. How can I clone a DVD to be exactly like I received it. On a PC I used DVD Decrypter and Shrink, my PC has since crapped out and I want to convert to a full time MAC user.

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    A commercial dvd or homeburned?

    FOr commercial movies use MTR or RipIt.
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    for non commercial movie DVDs ( ie. homemade DVDs),
    you simply open up Toast, select the Copy tab,
    select the selection "Disc Copy",
    insert the disc into the Mac, when Toast reads the disc,
    click the red ball in the lower corner to "copy".
    Toast will tell you the current inserted DVD is not writable,
    click ok, and it will continue.

    It will copy all contents temporarily, and when done,
    will eject the DVD, asking for a blank to copy to.
    Insert a Blank DVD-R, and it will then burn you a copy onto
    the blank, including everything from the original disc.
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