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  1. Can anyone recommend a video player with a decent battery life and/or the ability to change the batteries; the best I've managed to find is only 5-6hrs which isn't adequate for a long haul flight.

    Ideally I want it to play DivX from usb but DVD will do, saying that I would have thought that USB would be less power hungry than DVD???
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    Most airlines now offer seats with power ports for laptops. These can also be used for portable DVD players. When you get your tickets, you can request a seat with a laptop port. You don't mention what country you are in (which is helpful for us to answer questions), but if in the US, there are stores that sell adapters for airline laptop ports. (I haven't used one, but my brother does it all the time.)

    One other option is to buy extra batteries. I have a Philips PET 724/37 player that claims to go 9 hours on battery, but I haven't tested its limits.
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  3. I'm from the UK and flying to Maui via SFO in a couple of months. I'm flying with United Airlines who don't provide individual video screens and I don't know whether they have the laptop power ports.

    By extra batteries do you mean an extra rechargable battery (possibly specific to that unit)? I admit I hadn't thought of that; I'd assumed I'd have to get a unit that takes normal batteries.
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