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    I have an external disk which has been formatted to record PVR files from a digital sat TV receiver. I can watch recorded programmes using the sat receiver on my TV, but I would like to edit out ads etc using my PC. I'm using Wndows XP Media center. Perhaps not surprisingly, when I connect the disk up to my system, Windows doesn't recognise the files on it, and reports that the disk isn't formatted. Is there a way to get Windows XP to recognise these files so that I can edit them and put them on DVD? I've tried to find info about this on the site, but failed. Apologies if this has been dealt with in the past.
    Thankx in advance.
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    Most pvr's use a custom linux kernel for it's operating system which windows would not be able to read nativly. Pvrexplorer may help you read the files but it probably won't help you much as those files are likely to be encrypted.

    That's about as far as my knowledge on the subject goes. Perhaps if you provided more info like the type of dvr and what sat service you have then others may be able to help more.
    Donadagohvi (Cherokee for "Until we meet again")
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  3. The files stored on the external drive may be encrypted and locked to that particular DVR. If so, you won't be able to do anything with them anyway.

    It might help if you stated exactly what Satellite receiver/PVR you are using. Someone who knows that particular device may reply.
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