Well, as "everybody knows" , the author of MaestroSBT provided just
a hälf-ässed, b0rked support for Right-To-Left languages in his great
software. Instead of "reversing" the contents of entire lines, MSBT
"R2L-es" the Hebrew/Arabic words individually, which is quite idiotic
to say the least. Therefore, the "solution" to this problem is,
make MSBT regard the R2L lines as single words . More
explicitly, the poor end-user must edit the source SSA file and
replace the common space character (ALT 032) with the nbsp
(ALT 0160) character in the R2L subtitle lines, before letting
MaestroSBT deal with it. Also: the SSA can/should be in ANSI format,
as long as every subtitle line overrides the "Default Encoding" by
having the "magic info" {\fe178} or {\fe177} at its beginning.
Important: no need for clicking the "Right To Left language"
checkbox, unless you really want to see the application crash.

This is all for now, folks. HTH !