What's the deal here? I snatched this recent ffmpeg build, threw ffmpeg.exe in my C:\WINNT dir, simple-style, easy access from anywhere, and still avoiding the need for another line in $PATH.


Everything's fine, but where does it look for ffpresets? It (documentation) says that it will look under $HOME/.ffmpeg by pre-compiled default, under *NIX that would be like /usr/gew/.ffmpeg I suppose, but now I'm in XP.

"mkdir C:\Documents and Settings\Gew\.ffmpeg" ..???
And copy the .ffpreset files there? Tried it, but ffmpeg won't sense the presets.

Actually. I made a .ffmpeg folder with all .ffpresets (even a subdir called ffpresets, with an extra stack of the .ffpreset files, just in case), and copied it to all sorts of places. my Docs & Settings\accountname folder, the Program files\Shared files folder, the WINDOWS folder (since ffmpeg.exe is there), all varies of Local settings\Application data folders..

NOTHING works.

File for preset 'libx264-fastfirstpass' not found

..and datt wus all she wrote!

AAaawrgh! ;'( Is this an issue without solution, since I'm under an environment that (I suppose) ffmpeg wasn't ment for to begin with. Something cygwin-like? It won't find a proper $HOME-like var under Windoze?

"... -vpre "c:\folder-of-my-choice\libx264-fastfirstpass.ffpreset" ..."

Seems to work. Is this the ONLY way under Win? No possibility to have ffmpeg fetch it just by entering i.e. "-vpre fastfirstpass"..?

Thankfor for all answers!