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  1. I tried a few old 2D PC shooters like Kamui in Windows XP Pro SP-3, but I noticed a very irritating tearing effect as the game scrolls.

    I'm using a 19” TFT/LCD Monitor @ 1280x1024, 60HZ, GeForce 8800GT 512MB & the latest 182.50 Drivers in WinXP. Kamui and most of these old 2D shooters is displaying @ 640x480, 59-60HZ.

    There is an option in the Display menu to force enable V-Sync & Triple Buffering, but it seems to only have effect in Direc3d & OpenGL games.

    I enable V-Sync in Riva Tuner Direct 3d / Direct Draw settings, but the annoying tearing persists.

    I also tried to set the monitor refresh rate to 60HZ in the DirectX Diagnostic Tool (Override DirectDraw Refresh Behavior) but with no effect.

    Is Kamui & all these older 2D PC shooters using an older version of Direct Draw thus RivaTuner is not having any effect on it?

    So, is there any way to globally enable V-Sync in every 2D game in WinXP?
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    Are these dos based?

    Have you tried something like dosbox? Or perhaps another emulator type program?

    I know the compatibility mode in xp and vista leaves something to be desired.

    You can also try dos in a virtual os or an older version of windows. It might be worth it if you can get compatible drivers for your card that is.
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  3. No, they're Windows 98 based games.
    I also tried nHancer32, but with no effect.

    I also tried some other DOS based games in DOBox emu, but there was that annoying tearing effect there too. I didn’t notice an option to enable V-Sync in DosBox either? (If there is one)
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