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  1. Hiya!

    Basically, I'm stuck with an old cheapshot analogue TV capture USB thingie. The right channel _always_ gets more gain than the left one, causing unbalance, non-optimized results when running replaygain, etc. The only "normalizer" that I've found which will normalize the channels individually (adjusting the balance issue) is Audacity's internal normalizer. So, this is what I've been using.

    However, I love CLI utils, not only that I can gather them in batch scripts and suchlike. Now, I've searched Rarewares and other audio/video util sites, without finding somewhat of a waveadjust.exe -like thing that I could use. wavegain.exe, normalize.exe, maxvol.exe. Non of these takes notice of the balance.

    So, until further notice, I'm stuck with loading up the mighty Audacity app, and re-exporting. Please, I'd appreciate all tips on any command-line util that could help here.
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    For most capture devices, the audio passes the standard Windows "Record Control" which has a balance slider on it.
    If so, you can correct the balance before capture which would save you a lot of efforts and audio quality loss.

    If you open the Windows mixer on the taskbar and open the "options/properties" menu there should be a option to select the "Record Control".
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  3. Actually, that was what I was hoping for. Had a bright moment when I laid there in my bed and suddenly had that moment of clarity (when I figured it).. Sadly, though, next day I found it useless. My capture device seems like from cocoons nest.
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