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  1. Not sure where to put this so hope someone can help.

    I have a Cannon Ixus 901s digital camera. I have taken some video clips and wanted them on my PC. I have just transferred them over and played them. Immediatly i have noticed audio issues where the video and audio are not in sync. When played back on the camera it is perfect so i dont know what the problem is - anyone have any idea?

    Also if this cant be fixed how would i go about repairing the video/audio in an avi? I have tried AVI Mux but my laptop dies when trying to use it for some reason.

    thanks all.
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    What do you play them with? try different players and see if how it works, like vlc media player and smplayer(they have built in codecs).

    And in what container(mov,mp4,avi) and what video and audio codec are the video files in? Identify the codecs using MediaInfo.
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  3. Hi Baldrick - Thanks for the info below. I downloaded the VLC player and it came up with a message saying ''the AVI file is broken.Seeking will not work correctly.Do you want to try and repair it? ''

    I clikced repair and it then played the file correctly and with all sync issues sorted. However it didnt change the actual sorce file just what it was playing.

    Do you know how I can repair the actual source file?

    thanks for the help. Its home movies/clips of our new baby so i really do appreciate the help!
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  4. i have just run it through the codec thing and it came up with this;

    1 video stream M-Jpeg
    1 audio stream PCM

    video steam - 15.1 Mbps, 640X480 at 30.000fps, M-JPEG
    Audio Stream - 705.6Kbps, 44.1 KHz, 1 channel, pcm
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    I have the same exact camera....and just made a compilation video today of clips from 3 videos I made with the camera.
    No sync issues with either Windows Media Player or during editing with Avidemux.
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  6. that is really weird. i have pulled off 3 videos - all seperate avis and they all have sync issues though windows media and also power dvd. yet all play fine through the vlc player and i just uploaded one to facebook and it works fine. very strange.
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