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    Only me again.

    I have created a avi movie and i followed the instrutions on how on how do this and add subtitels as its in Korean.

    But the subtitels are not showing and are not a option to turn them on on my divx player its greyed out.

    Have i done something wrong ?

    I added in the filerts Tab the .Sub file and previewed and they showed but once this encoding had finished no subtitels :O(

    I have a .Idx file as well if that helps ??

    I was thinking i changed the outfile name should i have made the .Sub the same ?

    Many Thanks in advance for the help.

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    What do you mean when you say "divx player"? Is this a standalone DVD player (ie. Pioneer, Samsung, etc.) Or some software player on a computer?

    Some standalone DVD players that support Divx only support Latin and Cyrillic character sets and in external subtitle files. If you have such a DVD player, you will have to hard code your Korean subtitles. If you are using a software player, maybe try using VLC.
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    The few standalone Divx players I've had experience with will only support subs in .srt format. If you are talking about a standalone player like that, then you won't see any Korean subs. In that case, you may have to burn the subs into the video, forcing a re-encoding (and quality loss).
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