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  1. Basically, I want to take a DVD movie and rip it to an ISO file.

    dd if=/dev/scd0 of=/home/user1/image.iso
    557177+0 records in
    557176+0 records out
    285274112 bytes (285 MB) copied, 76.3168 s, 3.7 MB/s
    For some reason is goes very slowly! I have also done a simple 'cat /dev/scd0 > image.iso' and it too is very slow. The DVDROM drive never spins up.

    I can do this w/ DVD-Decrypter and WINE, but DVD Decrypter goes very slowly (1.7x-2.0x) too. I know it's not my hardware because this same machine booted into XP does this operation around 12-14x in DVD-Decrypter. Also, k3b is dog-slow writing an iso.

    Any ideas why it's so slow? Thanks all! <-- for all your DVD and CD backup needs!
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    DMA issue? Libata being forced for a not fully supported chipset?

    You can try booting with libata.atapi_enabled=1 added to your kernel.


    Using dd to copy an encrypted DVD doesn't always work. If the DVD is using a newer encryption with bad block methods, the drive can be forced to do a re-read and perform error correction. Should this happen too many times, the drive will turn off dma to save itself. You can use K9Copy, vobcopy, mplayer dump stream, Vamps, or something else, but not dd on encrypted DVDs.
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