I have an older Harmony (would have to check the model #), kept but never really used. While it is not on the level of the Harmony, I have liked what I've seen of the Interset Universal remote, which is a far simpler device. It is the only one of 4 or 5 remotes I got to support my NVidia Shield that actually works, including at least one that was expressly the Shield's own remote. But the problem with that HR-24 was proven not to reside at the remote end of things. I think orsetto's speculative explanation is leaning in the right direction. That receiver is once again obeying commands from its regular remote, though I don't know for how long. The DTV sat receiver in question also exhibits other intermittent problems, like occasional freeze lockups with a static picture, whose only cure was a reboot. That is more likely to involve the HDD. The unit is very likely on borrowed time. This has all put me on notice that I need to offload a whole lot more stuff while I still can, as soon as I can get around to it. Since I can't find time to explore new projects with unfamiliar hardware right now, this cuts out any possible higher res solutions. I'll have to move stuff into the Pioneer DVDR, or in some cases to rewriteable DVD for xfer to portable external HDD.