I'm using DVDAuthor with a basic XML config file and would like to add the following pre command which I'm currently configuring using IfoEdit after dvdauthor has completed. I would like to add this to the dvdauthor XML file to remove the IfoEdit step but I'm struggling with the syntax of the pre command and just get an error. can anybody point me in the right direction I've been hunting for an answer but have found nothing so far.

(SetSTN) Set Subpicture Stream: 31(Off)

Whilst composing this post I discovered the correct syntax on the DVDAuthor man page see the following, my problem was that I was trying to use "off" when in actual fact it wasn't needed. I thought I would post this anyway since I struggled to find info on this issue.

<dvdauthor dest="z:\Final">
<vmgm />
<vob file="z:\2008-11-16.mpg" chapters="0,0:05:0"/>