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    I want to download daily an .flv file through a script (cron job) to my computer. I tried with wget and mplayer, but without success. The problem is that even though the URL points to an .flv, I receive an html file in return

    example url:

    commandes I tried:
    wget $url -O video.flv
    mplayer -playlist '$url' -dumpstream -dumpfile video.flv

    I don't know flash at all, so maybe there is a trick to access the video file directly and download it through a linux command? It doesn't need to be wget or mplayer.
    Thanks for any help,
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    Hey I like that. A poster that actually follows up when they solve their problem and post the solution for others. Very good job! About the only other thing you could do is edit your original post and add the phrase [solved] to the front or back of your post's title.

    Hope you plan on sticking around. Always a need for good posters.
    Donadagohvi (Cherokee for "Until we meet again")
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