Hi, hope someone here can help:

I have a new tower and have had no problem with the DVD reader/writer drive so far so I doubt this is the problem.

I use CloneDVD to rip and this wasn't happening before but with the last few discs I've ripped, the last 3 or 4 seconds aren't included in the last VOB file when I go to view them in my authoring software window (Roxio Creator 2009, & I tried viewing them in Premiere Elements 7 too but same thing), & if I convert the VOB's to mpg the resulting mpg still has the last few seconds cut off.

Not a big deal I know but depending on the content it could be an issue if music was still playing in the film or some credits get cut off etc. and knowing Clone could rip the whole thing before...

I e mailed them and they basically said I should feel lucky it's been doing what it has but these are not newer discs, they are 2 or 3 years old now so it can't be due to new fangled encryption and most discs I have are the same kind of discs.

I tried recording them manually through a player & recorder hooked to my TV with a box between the two and I let it record further along at the end to offset this problem but it still wasn't recording at the very end when I ripped the copy I made this way and I hope not to have to do every disc from now on this way so this is why I ask.

So any ideas on what I need to do to get it back to the way it was where it would rip the whole feature? Now that I have Vista I can't use Decrypter etc. now so...

Thanks in advance for the reply/help.