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  1. hi there, i need some information about adding new subtitles at an old dvd and burn it again with the new menu, i think i have all the tools but i'm a little bit confused about the right order.
    what i have: dvd decrypter, dvd lab, subripper, tmpgenc dvd author, ... anyone can help me?
    what I want to do is the following:
    decrypt the dvd--} edit the subtitles (english, for example)--}translate it into spanish--}put the new subtitlre into the dvd menu--} burn the dvd WITH the new menu (spanish subtitles included). sound very easy, I thought the translation part will be the most difficult, but... i'm not very sure right now....
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  2. Just use your remote control to change subs and forget about changing the menus. Making the new subtitles play by default should be enough.
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