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  1. The MPEG-4 codec is not H.264, by the way. I think it's MPEG-4 Part 2 (i.e. like DivX/XviD). But if it works for you, fine. You didn't fix the problem, you just avoided it by using an older and less efficient codec.
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  2. nice, illustrative and highly informative guide.
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  3. If you do all that, and type in the following in the advanced box, you will get great quality but it takes a LOOOONG time to convert, it took me 14 hours to convert "Bad Boys"(2 hours)(800mb), but it only took 3 hours for "Men who stare at gotes"(1.5 hours)(700mb), but it is so worth it!
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    I tried Handbrake but it doesn't support more than 2 audio tracks and it doesn't even allow me to pick which those two will be. I did a little search and apparently it is possible to use more than two tracks...but only through the command line interface, which is kind of retarded.
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    Handbrake(after a few trial experiments) works really good.
    I tried the 0.9.4 version back last year, but never could get it
    to work. I tried to find a newer version, but it seems that the
    version I have is the most current.

    I tried ripping a commercial DVD to H.264 mkv, but the only
    presets were 'Apple', 'Regular', and 'Legacy', there was no
    'High Profile' or 'Constant Quality Rate' options listed.
    So, as an experiment, I clicked the 'Add' button under the
    presets box, and typed in 'Constant Quality Rate', and it took it!

    Handbrake took my de-crypted DVD and encoded it into 1.35GB file
    just fine. The video and audio quality are fantastic...the same,
    if not slightly better than the original.

    I have just three questions:
    1)why doesn't my handbrake show all the presets as listed in the
    screen shots in this post? Does one have to 'add' them, as I did
    with the 'Constant Quality Rate'?

    2) Are there settings(video filters?, Video tab settings?, Advanced
    tab settings?), that would give an even better quality picture?
    I don't mind larger file sizes, even 3-4GB. I realize that you can't
    really upscale a 720X480 picture(you only have that many pixels to work
    with), but there might be settings to make the converted video LOOK

    3) Does handbrake work with de-crypted blue-ray files?

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  6. useing Handbrake 0.9.5... really its awesomeeee .. and tfs for this tut
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  7. Anybody know the settings used in Constant Quality mode? I don't have the version used in this guide. And how can I backup my dvds using Handbrake but in widescreen mode?
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    Nice and simple guide. I am very new to converting DVDs, so my apologies if my question is off target or answered elsewhere.

    My objective is to convert a set of DVDs movie to MP4 files that I can put on my Windows Home Server. If there is another better route to, I am open to suggestions.

    Anyway, I succesfully copied several DVDs to my HDD using DVDfab. But I am not able to produce full MP4 versions of the DVD movies using Handbrake 0.9.5 (from 2011). I can view the MP4 files that I get but they only contain parts of the movie. It seems like only parts of the titles and chapters are included, nor are menus included (one DVD has multiple movies on it).

    Another question: Is there a way to get an icon/cover art associated with the MP4 file?

    Thanks in advance
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    Thank you so much!

    DVDFab decrypter and Handbrake worked exactly as the OP described...... wish I'd found this earlier, would have saved me time AND money!!!
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  10. nice guide. me first time converted my kids dvd to mp4 and then to avi to put on dvd.
    finally me got it working . me will try to back up some more dvd.
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  11. Originally Posted by BaaGGHo View Post
    me first time converted my kids dvd to mp4 and then to avi to put on dvd.
    If it's an AVI you really want, next time convert it directly from the DVD. Try AutoGK.
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  12. I'm looking forward to using this. Perhaps proper preparation of the DVD will eliminate the glitches which my MKV encodes have shown each time I tried to make one.
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  13. Being a newbie to DVD to mpeg conversion I would like to ask if I by following the advices in this thread are on the right track in my special case before resorting to trail-and-terror.

    I have an DVD/VHS player/recorder from LG, RCT689H. Programs/Videos/episodes recorded on DVD are stored on the DVD in such a way that I cannot find out how to extract a single episode from the DVD for conversion to mpeg(?) and storing of the episode on a different media. I can play the DVD with VLC but I cannot stream and convert episodes from it with VLC.

    Much appretiation for any hints.

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    I use -DELETED-, which can do batch DVD ripping work in 6X fast speed and excellent quality.
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  15. An old thread but a good one. I will look at Brorsoft and see if it compares to Handbrake and it's sibling Vidcoder. It will be a hard sell since I have been using those exclusively since moving to mkv containers.

    Is Brorsoft listed with the Videohelp software? I'd also be checking that for critical responses which are reliable.

    Thanks for answering.
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  16. Originally Posted by tipper900 View Post
    I use Brorsoft DVD Ripper, which can do batch DVD ripping work in 6X fast speed and excellent quality.
    Nobody cares. You signed up here just to spam the forum with your garbage product. You've been reported. Goodbye.

    loninappleton, he's a spammer, can't you tell?
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