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  1. Trying to convert an MKV with subtitles that also has 18 fonts as attachments (yes, Goku Sensei uses a lot of strange fonts). I tried using XVID4PSP, which normally does a nice job for PSP and iPod, but it couldn't hack this.

    Any suggestions (I assume there are other anime fans out there using their ipods)?
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  2. OK, so this is impossible? Or just expensive? Or no one else does this?

    Just trying to find a solution, and hoping I'm not really THAT special
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  3. What I ended up doing (in case anyone cares):

    First went ahead and removed all the various converters I'd put on the machine over time, and all of the players. That in itself took a bit. I then DL'd the MKVExtractGui, and the XVID4PSP packages and installed them.

    Using the MKV package, I extracted the attachments and installed the fonts. I then did a separate run to extract the ASS file. Once that was done I ran XVID4PSP with the ipod Phone/Touch option, and giving it the extracted subtitles file.

    End result looks pretty good. Occasionally the subtitle gets cut off a bit on the left and right sides, but generally it seems to work.

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    Glad you found an answer, and thanks for taking the time to come back and post it for others to read.
    Read my blog here.
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    Yes. Excellent job OP. Most people never take the time to say wether problem solved and how they solved it. Good job!
    Donadagohvi (Cherokee for "Until we meet again")
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