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  1. I tried Womble's Mpeg-vcr but it won't let me load an mpeg2 file?? Says i must register.

    What is the best way for a newbie to do this, I heard TMPGEnc was not so good for cutting, I only need 1 cut in the middle so shouldn't be that hard (hopefully).

    Or bbMPEG, if i demux first will i have sycnh problems after? Is this an easy way, doesn't sound it, hehe.

    Thanks for any help you can give.
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  2. TMPG's Mpeg Tools is very easy to use, although it tends to freeze at the end of the cutting, which doesn't seem to affect the files. If you have separate video and audio streams, I suggest that you use BBMPEG, which does multiplexing and cutting at the same time. No sync problems.
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