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    I have some HD video in recorded in a .trp container (with h264 in it). What would be the easiest way to take this video and convert it to a MPEG-2 .ts file? I've done a bit of Googling and the easiest solution (with a GUI) seems to be Procoder 3. Can anyone provide some feedback if they've gone this route before?

    I'm rather familiar with my MeGUI encoding routine and would like the flexibility of encoding a MPEG-2 .ts file. Hopefully this can be done.
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  2. MeGUI doesn't have a MPEG-2 encoder. I'm not that familiar with procoder, but here is how I would do it using free tools. (It sounds like procoder may be easier):

    1) use h264_tscutter to re-wrap .trp into .ts

    2) avisynth script e.g. DirectShowSource("file.ts") , you need h.264 decoder and splitter (e.g. ffdshow and haali splitter)

    3) HCenc to generate elementary MPEG-2 Stream

    4) TsMuxer to wrap into .ts
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