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    I just posted a question about audio tracks and discovered I could customize what audio/subtitles my disc will have based on the information found in the Video_TS. However, now I found a new problem. Prior to customization, the folder info reads in toast 10 "Menus: Yes". Once I being to delete certain videos/audio in the customization tab (under options in the Video_TS window), it quickly changes to "Menus: No" once a change to anything has been made.

    1.) I know the Video _TS folder contains menus.
    2.) If I take of an audio track or bonus feature off, Toast no longer recognizes the folder contains menu information
    3.) How can I prevent this from happening while still removing the unwanted features?
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    The developers of Toast decided to always exclude the source menu when there is anything being modified for the copied DVD. They didn't want the possibility of someone clicking a menu option that goes to something that is no longer there.

    Your only workaround with Toast is to create your own new menu. You do this by adding your VIDEO_TS folder to the DVD video setting in Toast 10 instead of the DVD video from VIDEO_TS setting. In this way you'll have Toast authoring a new VIDEO_TS folder so you can use Toast's menu styles.
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