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  1. I'm not sure if I made a topic like this one before, so sorry if I did. I just probly forgot.

    Anyways, yea, I've been having this problem ever since I first got this capture card (it's really a mini-DV camcorder that has VGA support). So my problem isn't a big deal but I would like to see if I can get any solutions to fix it.

    I use an Aiptek A-HD+ 1080p mini-DV camcorder. It has 720x480 VGA, which means it can record like a capture card can, but u have to use AV cables to get the video game signals shared between the TV and the camcorder's LCD screen.

    So anyway, I use it to record my video games, right? Well, usually (NOT all the time) when there's a cutscene in a video game, or some other kind of transition (i.e. if a video game cutscene ends, the screen'll fade out to complete white, then fades out to another scene, u know wat I mean, right...?), I will look down at my camcorder and I'll see the camcorder has shut itself off due to a signal loss. It always either leaves 'AV mode', or just shuts off completely if it gets a signal loss during a recording session. If I'm not recording while this happens, it'll say 'No Signal' on the LCD, and it'll flicker around and all as the game is doing the transition.

    It's extremely annoying and messes up my videos cuz I have to stitch all those clips together in WMM and u can notice a significant amount of skips in some of my longer videos cuz those where the times where my camcorder stopped recording due to a signal loss, so I had to pause the game, re-connect the AV jack, then select 'AV in' mode again and record right after I un-pause, hoping to have left off the second after the camcorder shut off and not create a big skip in the video (i.e. the middle of a battle, then skips to a cutscene).

    I have a few examples I'd like u to watch to help clarify my problem more.

    For this video, at the 6:44 mark, watch how I'm in the middle of fighting this boss, then as I enter a different combat mode, the screen turns white and then my camcorder loses signal from that, then skips to the next time I recorded.

    For this video, at the 6:38, 6:54, and 7:22 marks, take note of the fade to white transition. This is excatly wat usually causes the camcorder to lose it's signal and cease recording.

    There r many other videos I could share with u, but I think these 2 will suffice. Thx if anyone can help me solve this annoying problem
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  2. HELLOOOO??????
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