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  1. I'm recording videos on my dvd recorder and then want to put them on youtube. They say the best solution for high quality videos is to convert it to mpeg4 with mp3 sound. I have the dvd format of the video on my computer in 2 folders one called VIDEO_TS and the other VIDEO_RM. I'm using AVS Video Converter 4 and I'm not sure which file to click on to convert the file. Actually I tried both VIDEO_TS.IFO and VTS_01_1.VOB in the VIDEO_TS folder and got a decent video out of both of them, but does it matter which one I click? I had it set up to convert DVD to mpeg4.
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    Nope. But it's usually better to open the ifo and the video converter can read the entire dvd correct and you might be able to choose audio tracks, title tracks, etc.
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