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  1. I connected my PC(DVI-I) to my 52'' LCD TV (HDMI)(Sharp "LC52D65E") . My tv has a full HD resolution (19201080).
    My graphic card is ASUS EAH4350 (ATI Radeon HD 4350 GPU)
    I have now a Full HD view in my tv.

    I have the ASUS SmartDoctor installed in my pc to monitor my graphic card.
    This software displays the graphic card temperature.

    I can see that when the temperature is above 55 deg cel.
    My tv screen starts jumping , jerking sometimes even blinks or blacks out.

    Is 55 deg is really over heating ?

    Is there is anyway to resolve this ?
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  2. Was that at idle or while playing games? Even at idle that's not exceptionally hot for a fanless 4350. More case cooling or a fan on the GPU might help.
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  3. Get a 75mm fan that plugs into the motherboard or uses a molex plug then mount it near the videocard.There are also aftermarket heatsinks for GPU's.
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  4. Of course, he probably bought that particular card because it was silent.
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