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    I have now figured out how touse eac3to get video stream to MKV and demux audio and chapters using something like

    eac3to "F:\" 1) 1: chapters.txt 2: video.mkv 3: audio.ac3
    This works fine and then I can mux video from MKV and audio and chapters into a new MKV using MKVMerge

    Question is, can I do this in one step? This route means I end up with a big MKV video file and have to mux this all into a further big MKV file taking up twice the space.

    Is it possilbe to get eac3to to demux audio and chapters streams first and then have it mux them into MKV as it is doing video stream?

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    One similar post is enough. Continue in . Just reply to add new information.

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