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    I have a Liteon 5045 which has had the DVD recorder replaced 5 times since I bought it. Yet another failure and now out of warranty. There are several hours of recordings I can play through the player itself but cannot transfer onto DVD. I've removed the hard drive and hooked it up to a desk top PC but it cannot see the drive. Liteon tech support have no solutions !! Can anyone advise how to get a desk top PC to see the drive ??

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  2. allibg5

    [Replaced the DVD drives 5 times!!!
    What were they replaced with?

    The format in the liteon is fat 32 and 64k clusters
    The files are xxx.VOB ---[they can be changed to xxx.JPG if necessary---]
    A program as Power DVD in a PC will read and play them as VOB or JPG
    I use Win 98se and have no problems. A PC with an other OS might have issues depending its setup
    If the unit will play the HDD
    It does recognize the DVD drive but might take a min or so in a power up.
    Can I assume the drive will not play any disk
    It might be the DVD drive is going bad,or is dirty
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    Many thanks for your reply.
    Yes. The DVD player / recorder has been changed 5 times. I obviously would not recommend Liteon !!

    I tried connecting the liteon hard drive to a desk top running win xp.
    The hard drive was not recognised at all.
    You are right. The DVD player / recorder will not recognise discs of any description ie pre-recorded or home made. It has been cleaned and it makes no difference.

    I do have power dvd so I shall try to see if a win 98 desk top recognises the hard drive and go from there.

    Thanks again.

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  4. Allibg5

    If liteon replaced the drives they were most likely replaced with the original DDW units .
    They did have their problems. Most have replaced the drives with PC units. A list of drives to use is given at the sites given below

    The liteon units produced a very good recording
    While the format is Fat 32 I would doubt that any Windows OS would recognize the HDD as it is formatted.. A sticky at the below sites coves the OS issue.

    While the DVD drive will not play a disk and was cleansed, the system does recognize the drive. If it didnít it would NOT play the HDD

    Even with Power DVD I doubt the HDD would play..
    The files would of you can get yhem to a PC as Files.

    At this time I would not Play around with The HDD as you may lose files

    While the sites given are mostly ilo, It is a liteon product and all info is relative. The inside guts are the same. The firmware governs the HDD size and all-rite feature.

    This sire will give info on the liteon drives

    A user from the UK reported that a 16H5s worked ok on all functions
    Info on the liten drives and the familyís is at this site.
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