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  1. HI
    I've been using Vegas4 for long time now. I finally upgraded to Vegas8pro. When outputting a mpg2 project I always output the audio separate as a PCM wave file. Before doing so, I normalize the audio track on the timeline. This always gave me acceptable volume levels using Vegas4. In Vegas 8pro, the resulting volume level is way too high when played on DVD players. Is there something I'm missing? maybe a calibration that has been maladjusted?

    Thanks in advance
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  2. i don't think i ever used v4, v5 is the first i recall. but it sounds like you at some point adjusted the normalization level of v4 to your preference, as it's a process that adjusts the audio level so that the resulting peak amplitude matches a desired target. normally if you don't change anything the standard target is 98-100% peak. just below clipping. you'll need to change v8 settings to your "sweet spot".
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  3. Thanks minidv2dvd
    I adjusted it and all is well. It just baffles me how the default in V4 and V8 are so different.

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