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  1. I currently use Pinnalce Studio.

    I want to create some nice Intros with picture and text titles.

    Such as: "President - Don Joe" I want to put presidents picture and then the title should come with a nice effect.

    Can someone tell me what you use besides Pinnacle Studio? Or are there readymade templates I can buy?

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  2. Maybe you could provide more information on what formats for input & output (e.g. flash, DVD, mkv, etc....)

    What do you mean by "nice effect"? Too vague.
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  3. I want the final prodcut to be in a DVD format.

    I want nice classy effects for an invidual being intorduced.

    Someting HOT catchy.
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    I don't believe I have ever seen anything hot and catchy that is also classy.

    I get the impression that you actually have no idea what you specifically want, and are just looking for a feel that you can't really describe.

    As titles are a visual thing, it might be better if you can find an example or two of the feel you are after, and post a link
    Read my blog here.
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