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  1. As follows:-

    Ripped the PAL DVD with dvd fab decrypter, used TMPG express 4.6.3 to bring the resulting files into convert to divx.

    Two episodes out of 13 which were converted exactly the same way had the first 10 minutes without audio, the rest of the episode had audio and in synch.

    The original files play fine in VLC but there is no sound for the first 10 minutes when pulled into TMPG.

    I presume that as VLC can play it all the way through that the codec must be installed so why would only the first 10 minutes have no audio when it is all one file ?

    In the end I used Mediacoder , having tried Auto GK and Avidemux, as the only software that would "read" all the audio.

    As you can guess this had me pulling my hair out, and I would welcome suggestions as to why a file that plays all but the first 10 minutes of audio can happen. Albeit it that some software did read it all, its a complete mystery to me.

    Here are the two audio readings from Gspot, but what I cannot understand is why is there audio once 10 minutes has elapsed?

    ac3 = 0xbd[0x80]:48000Hz 192 kb/s tot , stereo (2/0)

    mp3 = 24000Hz 128 kb/s tot , Stereo
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    I presume that as VLC can play it all the way through that the codec must be installed
    VLC does not rely on any installed codecs.
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