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    Hi everyone I have burnt something to a disc but when i've put it in my dvd player it plays but with no sound or it will only play on one dvd player.

    I think i've done it right but dont know what the problem is.

    could you please help

    Many thanks


    Admin if i've put it in the wrong place sorry please feel free to move
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    More information would be needed.

    What software program did you use to create the DVD?
    What is the video and audio format? I assume MPEG for the video, but what audio format?

    This doesn't sound like a disc or burner problem. More likely software or the settings used.

    And welcome to our forums.
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    I used the Toshiba disc creator software that came with my laptop

    All It says its

    part size 698
    number of parts 1
    file validation AVI

    IMDb rating...8.7

    Width 688 pixels
    height 288 pixels

    Duration 02:00:34
    bit rate 128kbps
    audio format MPEG LAYER 3

    Does this make any sense to you as it doesnt to me

    Steph xx
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