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    Is it important to correct a 23.976 file to 29.97 before authoring, using a specific program like DGPulldown?

    Or authoring programs like DVDLab Pro or TMPGEnc DVD Author will do that properly?

    What I have noticed is that if I load an uncorrectec 23.976 file in DLP it will show wrong time on the timeline.

    But I did burn the disc anyway and it plays fine. So what should I do?

    The final size does not change after passing through DGPulldown, so what does it do really?

    Will processing improve or worsten the image quality?
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  2. DgPulldown adds 3:2 pulldown flags that tell the DVD player on how to create 59.94 fields per second from the 23.976 frame per second video. Some players will not play the files correctly without the pulldown flags.

    I don't think DVDLab Pro or TMPGEnc DVD Author will add those flags while authoring.
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    DVDLab Pro requires the pulldown flags already be present before authoring, and also has a tool to add them built-in (I believe - it's been a while as I use DGPulldown)
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