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    hi all ,

    i finally buy my sony hdd camcorder dcr-sr85 and use it to capture some videos of my trip to punta cana.

    Arriving at home i manage to transfer pics and videos on a slideshow dvd using dvdlabpro.

    i already have made many type of complexe authoring with DvdlabPro but now im stuck with a prob.

    here what i have do:

    transfer mpg file from handycam to pc
    transfer my pics from cybershot to pc
    make some slideshow and put background music
    17 mpeg videos demultiplexed automatically to give ac3 and mpv files

    built all things togheter with menus and others ......

    so i play the dvd on my dvd player
    all the slideshow pics have the musics (since the sounds does not comes from camcorder)
    but when the videos begins ,NONE HAVE SOUNDS??

    original videos have sounds on pc
    no videos has sounds on another dvd player

    i assume the sounds are really on the dvd but why it does not comes on my dvd player??

    I always author my dvd with dvdlabpro since many years ,and using AC3 files always with no prob on my dvd player .

    so i need your help with that one

    many thx
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  2. just a guess but you may have used a different audio format for the slideshow. all audio in a vts has to be the exactly the same, i.e. ac-3.
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    didn't realize that

    problem solved

    many thanks man
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