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  1. Hi Guys.

    I will soon be filming an event where some streaming of video and audio is required. The event will need to be streamed into the adjacent room (as there is limited space) and use both the audio and video. I will be using a Sony HCR-HD1 to stream the footage. I have no real understanding of how this is supposed to work so if someone could explain how it would be possible in "simple people" terms then I would be really greatful. I am sure I will have to buy extra cables etc, if someone could explain exactly what is needed that would be great.

    The camera will be static so there won't be any need for wireless as it will be in one place. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
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    Run long video and audio output cables from the camcorder to the TV in the adjacent room. (A video signal booster, distribution amp, or RF converter may be necessary, depending on the distance and type of inputs on the TV that will be viewed.) LOL- no "streaming" is involved.
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  3. Use Windows Media Encoder (WME) on the source PC and use your HDR-HC1 as input (in DV mode via FireWire). In the other room, use Windows Media Player to connect to the stream being created WME. It's really easy and quick to do - WME will also tell you what URL the other computer should use. It will work on a wireless LAN.
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  4. So if I buy some output cables and connect them to the camcorder and hook them up to a TV that will work?

    It's always the simplest answers! Thanks for your help!
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