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  1. Hiya,

    Some of my AVI files have no sound when played on my Lacie LaCinema media player

    This is taken from their FAQ:

    Video playback problems

    LaCie multimedia hard disks can play back a variety of video formats. While most are supported, partially supported or unsupported video formats can cause odd behavior.

    Some video format related problems are:

    * Unusual colors
    * No video
    * No audio
    * Crashes when fast-forwarding
    * Video not listed in the menu

    If any of these behaviors happen, the video needs to be re-encoded. There are serveral free and commercial options to re-encode video. A good resource for tutorials on this subject is

    The thing is, I have no idea what setting I need to change when reencoding the video. Can anyone help?

    I have RiverPast Video Cleaner to reencode files, if that helps.
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    Use avirecomp.
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  3. I just tried avirecomp, it tells me the audio format is unsupported when I try to open the problem file... (however, the file does play like a charm when played on my computer)
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  4. What format is your audio? You can use mediainfo or gspot to determine this
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  5. GSpot tells me:

    Codec: 0x0161 (WMA v2)
    Info: 44100Hz 64 kb/s tot (2 chnls)
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  6. If that helps, I get these results for a file that actually works:

    Codec: 0x0055 MPEG-1 Layer 3
    Info: 44100Hz 128 kb/s tot , Joint Stereo
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  7. You should be able to do this with avidemux

    1) open the video
    2) video sidebar set to "copy"
    3) audio sidebar set to "MP3 LAME"
    4) format sidebar set to "AVI"
    5) press save with extension (e.g. "myfile.avi")

    All this does is copy the video (so no quality loss in the video), but re-encode the audio to MP3 and place it into an .avi container
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  8. That did the trick. Thanks a bunch!
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