I would invite Linux vets and noobs alike to check out A/V Linux 1.0.

It is aimed at bringing Audio and Video Applications together in a pre-configured package for users to get creating right away, without figuring out the complexities of enabling multimedia support, tweaking config files and enabling extra repositories right off the bat.

The primary focus is Pro-Audio with the latest versions of Ardour, Audacity, Rosegarden, Hydrogen, QSynth and more. Video applications are also well represented with DeVeDe, DVDStyler, Avidemux with Aften support, Kino, Cinelerra, and WinFF with an unlocked SVN ffmpeg. Many other packages are just a click away in the many expanded repositories added to the usual Ubuntu ones.

There is also an included Remastering Suite so you can back up your system or further customize and improve it and create your own version just how you like it.

For Linux vets there are many extended development libraries and -dev support libraries to easily compile the latest versions of most included packages in the system.

WINE and Virtualbox are also included to run Windows applications or an entire Windows install if you wish.

Due to keeping the ISO size down (and other complexities) two great Linux apps right here in our Linux forum are not included - AutoFF and hcbatchGUI, however they can easily be run with the existing SVN ffmpeg and WINE that are included.

If you do decide to install A/V Linux "pcuser" must be used as the Username in order for the many group permissions, symlinks, and tweaks to work properly. Of course use a secure password of your own choosing. Remember you can set up other users after the install if you wish.

Read the further instructions on the website for more info to get off to a smooth start.

This is my first attempt at a Remaster so I would welcome any feedback and suggestions.

Thanks for reading! - GMaq

A/V Linux 1.0: http://www.bandshed.net/AVLinux.html