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    I'd like to view Neflix movies from my computer (all those "instant" ones you get with membership) and other stuff on my TV. Problem is I can't figure out how to get the signal there. Well I know I don't have an s-video out port on the computer though the TV has s-video in. It seems strange to me that although I have a Gateway DX310X with XP Media Center OS there seems to be no TV out option on the system. Am I just missing it? I also have a Hauppage Win TV PVR but this has no "out" option either. I figure I need to get another graphics card with s-video out for the PCI Express 16 slot that is open. Is this the direction I should take or are there other options? I"m not interested in the Netflix Roku..I believe this limits me to Netflix and there may be other things I want to view on the TV from the PC. Thanks in advance for whatever suggestions you have. Oh yes..if the new card is the option can you recommend one? Betty
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  2. If your TV accepts VGA, DVI, or HDMI those are your best options (pretty much limited to HDTVs).

    Some computers come with 7-pin video outputs instead of the usual 4 pin s-video plug. An s-video cable can often be plugged into this connector because s-video is provided on the 4 pins that match the cable. Or the manufacturer may supply an adapter.

    Otherwise, a new graphics card with s-video out is probably your best bet. You can get VGA to s-video scan converters but quality ones cost more than a decent graphics card.
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