So I'm excited about the potential for backing up my hd-dvd and bluray discs to mp4 with h264. Once I nail down a procedure that will play on my ps3 reliably I want to make it user friendly.

I know divx ultra lets you do chapters and menus for divx files.

Is there a similar setup for mp4 encoded with h264? (high def at least 720p video)

I'd like to be able to rip a bluray or hd-dvd to mp4 with h264 and be able to add chapters and a menu. I did a quick search of the bluray to mkv/mp4 forum and did not see any topics on menus/chapters for mp4.

Is this possible for mp4? Also is the ps3 able to handle such a feature on a dl dvdr?

Suggestions are welcome.

While I'm not quite there on a fully playable 720p mp4 I'm getting very close and would like to recreate basic menus and chapters. Mind you they don't have to be the same chapter points as the bluray or hd-dvd movie - I'd be more than happy with a simplistic 5 minute skip feature (or programmable interval).

EDIT - I did some more forum searching and looks like the YAMB program would support mp4 chapter creation. However the few reviews posted for it are not too encouraging. Also there is still no difinitive answer on mp4 chapter support for the ps3.