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  1. Some years ago, I stumbled upon web galleries people had made of their AVI files containing hundreds of pictures. I later learned that this was an automated process. They ran the video file through a program that was set to take a screenshot at every 30 second spot, or some other time they specified. Are these programs still available and which ones will work either on a DVD or a ripped VOB file?

    In short, I'm looking to get large batches of screenshots from a DVD without going through and manually clicking them, and doing them in large quantities in the quickest way possible.

    Thanks in advance for any help.
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    Something like ? created by Video Thumbnails Maker. Media Player Classic and Image Grabber has similar function.

    Or do you want separate images?
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  3. Yeah, I want seperate images saved to a folder.
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    If the video cannot be played in VirtualDub then this may not work.
    AviSynth needs to be installed. VirtualDub-1.8.6 is in the ZIP.

    Unzip to the same folder as your video.

    The batch file 'frames_2_jpg.cmd' (double click on it to start) creates the output folder, then an AVS script,
    and then starts Virtualdub with the AVS script as input.

    Play the clip. (hit the space bar)
    Close VirtualDub.

    JPGs are saved in the output folder with the same name as the video (not including the extension).

    The figure 720 is the frame count for 30 seconds - change 'frames_2_jpg.cmd' as needed.
    for %%a in ("*.avi") do echo SelectRangeEvery(720, 1).ImageWriter("%%~na\", 0, 0,"jpg") >> "%%~n.avs"

    Frames for 30 seconds :
    24 fps - 720
    25 fps - 750
    29 fps - 870

    Should work on multiple videos. Not much testing done.

    While Vdub was reading a VOB I tried to open the 'Status' window to check the progress and Vdub crashed.
    I could do it OK reading an AVI. Have not tested with an MPG.
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