I recently had ReplayTV, which is very similar to Tivo. ReplayTV went out of business. They don't make the machines anymore. You can only get them used. I had burnt mine out do to a power surge. If you hooked an ethernet wire to the ReplayTV (which is connected to the TV), with the help of a program designed specifically for ReplayTV (DVArchive) you could transfer anything on the hard-drive of ReplayTV to your computer.
My question is: Is there anything out there (excluding sound cards) that allows you to transfer from a DirecTV DVR to the computer? I read somewhere that a product called DVD Xpress could do this. When I checked it out on the internet, all I found was a product called DVD Xpress2. I recall reading that someone said that Pinnacle made a product that would do this too. Is anyone familiar with these products? How they work? Or, if there is someother alternative? . . Thank You