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    Hi All,
    I want to video stream a live event on my website,
    I found a service provider, that offered me two choices:

    to stream a Flash H2.64 video or a WMV video.

    I don't know which is better.

    Which gives a higher quality, which is lighter (that can help have more users connected), which is more compatable?)
    Which perform better on different connections (high and low bandwidth)

    I will appreciate any help,

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    H264 will generally give you better quality at the same bitrate, or the same quality at a lower bitrate. It also has the advantage that flash is available and more easily playable across a variety of platforms. WMV can be more troublesome on Linux and Mac boxes.

    That said, live streaming with WMV had been around a long time now and is a mature pipeline. Live streaming via flash is newer, and so may have more setup issues. You also need more computing power to encode to H264 than WMV (assuming standard mpeg-4 WMV)
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