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  1. best AV i ever used

    ESET NOD32 AntiVirus Home Edition 3 Software $9.99 w/ Coupon, Free Shipping

    Newegg has the ESET NOD32 Anti-Virus Home Edition 3.0 (OEM) for a low $9.99 after Coupon Code: EMCBCBBBH. Free Shipping. Tax in CA, NJ, PR, TN.
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  2. Two problems I have with NOD32.
    1) It does have some odd issues from time to time. We run it on three PCs at work. When updating to the new version internet connectivity disappeared on all of them. Evidently it was a known issue. Unfortunately it was hard to figure that out because...
    2) Eset's support sucks. It took nearly two weeks to get a call back. Email support resulted in nothing but generic responses that had nothing to do with what I was asking. By that time I'd already figured out the problem with some help from WildersSecurity.

    That said, it is still one of the best AV products out there. When the next renewal period comes around I may try Kaspersky on one of the work machines before deciding to renew NOD32. Here lately these are the only two paid softwares I'd really consider.

    For anyone that gets NOD32, go to and download Blackspear's XML configuration file. Import this into NOD32 once you've installed it and your software will be optimized for the best performance and detection. There is a whole thread explaining exactly what settings this file changes and what effect they have.
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    I'm a little disappointed with Nod32 lately also. Asked a question from support and never got a reply, not even a generic one. Cannot see all threats, had a 'virtuamonde' beast lurking in my computer and scans with a fully current and up to date Nod32 could find no threats whatsoever, whereas loads of free download spyware programs were finding Trojan this and trojan that. Disappointing.
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