I am new here, hope someone can help. I have been playing around with CaptureVHS and Hdtv2dvd. Had them both working except the preview in Hdtv2dvd. In an effort to fix that I downloaded and installed various Codec packages including ddshow and Kliite. Fixed preview problem but created another. Hdtv2dvd actually processed fine without the preview. Anyway now the output mpg and DVD vobs won't play back correctly. The MPGs will only play in Media player classic (part of Klite) but with no audio. The DVD file play in fast motion. It seems to be a playback filter issue since I can move the Mpgs to another comp and they play Ok even in WMP11 and the burned DVD play on another comp (my laptop)(both CaptureVhs and Hdtv2Dvd are fie on it) and my regular DVD player. The MPGs tend to crash WMP immediately and MPClassic if you attempt to touch a control. The DVD files will only play period from the Vob not at all from the IFO.

Attempted to revert to original codecs to no avail or no fix anyway. (had restore point established)

Also installed trial version of SVCD2DVD with same result. I tried another conversion program and got same result.

So not really an encoding problem but a playback problem.

Have the KLite package back on it now. Not sure really what to configure on it