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    first off i'm rather incompetent with computers so bear with me
    i'm trying to play a dvd using VLC, it's from europe but it plays fine so the region isn't an issue
    when the dvd is still in the menu screen and i go to "video" "subtitles track" it shows track 1 and track 2
    i'm assuming one of these "most likely track 2" are the subtitles
    but when i play the dvd and go back to those options it is on "disabled" and track 2 has disappeared, there is only track1 "when i click on it no subtitles" and disabled
    (the dvd does have englsih subtitles on the disc)

    also i can just push play and it goes but if i open it using "media" "open disc" and look at the file in the E drive it's called VIDEO_TS and subfiles are VTS_01_0.VOB etc when i go from "disc" to "file" there is a "use subtitles file" box i can check but i'm assuming you only use that when it isn't an actual DVD but rather a file, like a torrent file you've downloaded so you can put them in the same folder to get it to work.

    sooo any idea why the track 2 disappears when the movie is playing and is that in fact how i would get the subtitles to play or is there another way?
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    Try another free dvd player like media player classic or kmplayer and see if the subs work better.
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